Lupo Burtscher is made up of a group of people who reflect on, examine and plan projects of design and visual communication for public and private space, as well as virtual, editorial, urban and exhibition space. The studio places itself as mediator between the client’s ideas and contextual necessity, starting from the understanding that every line drawn is the origin of change.


2 June 2019

Mirabilia Urbis presented in Turin

Lupo Burtscher designed the posters and the promotional postcards for Mirabilia Urbis, written and directed by Milo Adami. The movie is a journey through photographs, letters, memories, thoughts and articles of Antonio Cederna, journalist and intellectual, among the fathers of the Italian environmentalism, who fought throughout his life for an urban development that respected people’s quality of life and the protection of landscape constraints. The film will be presented on June 3, 2019 at the CinemAmbiente Festival in Turin.

30 May 2019

New leaflet for Sacrima’s workshop “Message, Messenger, or False Friend?”

Lupo Burtscher designed the new leaflet for the workshop “Message, Messenger, or False Friend?” by Sacrima, a five-year-long ERC project conducted at the Institut für Kunstgeschichte of the LMU in Munich. The workshop deals with the seriality of production in woodcut and engraved prints and with the reinterpretation of pre-existing visual artifacts. On the leaflet, three prints of the same subject – the Madonna di Loreto – yet different in the drawing have been juxtaposed, highlighting the common and discordant features. The workshop will be held on 28 and 29 June in Munich; more information is available on the Sacrima website.
16 May 2019

A visual identity in balance

On the occasion of the opening of her practice, Dr. Corinna Berger, specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy, asked Lupo Burtscher to create a visual identity. The aim was to show the fine line between balance and imbalance in a graphic representation. Two forms that, standing in relation to each other, try to find balance. Mastering this in everyday life can require help that Dr. Corinna Berger offers with expertise and sensitivity.

7 May 2019

A Pedibus for Merano – we go our way!

Since March 2018 Lupo Burtscher participates in the EU-funded project Metamorphosis in Merano by designing temporary furniture and play areas for children in the public space of the city. In the residential district of Wolkenstein, together with the children of the Italian and German elementary schools, Lupo Burtscher built five stops for the Pedibus, a free accompaniment service for the students  – to replace pollution with footprints!

27 March 2019

Qui prima e poi is online – an inventory of the cultural heritage of Parma and its province

On the occasion of the designation of Parma as Italian Capital of Culture 2020, Lupo Burtscher together with the Municipality of Parma conceived the project Qui prima e poi, which aims to create a large inventory of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Parma and its province. On the project website it is now possible to participate by submitting your contributions!