The design studio Lupo Burtscher has joined forces with Lungomare to form a cooperative. Our projects from 2021 onwards can be found on this website

Christian Mittendorfer Holzwerkstatt

Christian Mittendorfer has always worked passionately with wood, devising and implementing design solutions. His company name with the addition of “Holzwerkstatt” (“wood workshop”) and a simple, clear logo came in 2016, designed by Lupo Burtscher for their friend and work partner of many years.



The sign

“Streamlined and reduced” is the maxim of the woodwork shop’s contractor that is visibly expressed in its furniture and objects. The CM of the logo follows this aesthetic requirement, placing the tool of the carpenter in the centre and appearing to transfer it directly from the workbench to paper: The voluminous letters C and M reflect the blade form of carving tools. The two resulting elements can be re-combined as desired on business cards, postcards, stationery, and websites.

The website

The well-structured website invites us into the Universe of Christian Mittendorfer’s woodwork shop: hand made and full of attention to detail. Lupo Burtscher introduced the photographer David Schreyer to Christian Mittendorfer, who has documented all of Mittendorfer’s projects to date.


Christian Mittendorfer Holzwerkstatt



Project team

Giuliano Chimenti, Antonino Rizzo

Web development

Philipp von Hellberg