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Nel buco

A book by Maria Morganti

In her works, Maria Morganti uses various techniques to study the ways in which time is stratified, with colours and shapes that become contaminated, creating new relationships and narratives. Nel buco / Dans le trou was designed by Lupo Burtscher.






For this book the artist used pure pigments, with which she filled a hole on the floor. Every time a color is added, our perception of space changes. It is a sort of archaeological excavation, a slow operation that helps us understand the nature of a place. This little book wants to show us the color, its strength, its power to transform things around us, but also the importance of dwelling on a detail, because even a particular can contain a world.

les cerises

les cerises is a publishing project of silent books commissioned to artists, designers, architects, who are invited to make a children’s book for the first time. The books are published as limited editions. Form, material and size are each time discussed with the author, so that they can be interpreted and narrated by children themselves – and by adults, too. The reader is asked to add their own words to the visual stories, thus making them every time different, ever-changing, new, and multilingual.


les cerises



Project team

Sofia Bresciani