The design studio Lupo Burtscher has joined forces with Lungomare to form a cooperative. Our projects from 2021 onwards can be found on this website

The exhibition in the public space Consens was curated by Catherine Grout and initiated by ar/ge kunst. Lupo Burtscher is responsible for the exhibition design, the communication campaign and the catalogue. Eight international artists will be invited to strengthen sensory experiences in urban space and to facilitate encounters through their work.

1/12Consens. Information material

2/12Consens. Information material

3/12Consens. Information material

4/12Consens. Information material

5/12Consens. Information material

6/12Consens. Catalogue

7/12Consens. Catalogue

8/12Consens. Catalogue

9/12Consens. Catalogue

10/12Consens. Catalogue

11/12Consens. Catalogue

12/12Consens. Catalogue

1/3Consens. Exhibition

2/3Consens. Exhibition

3/3Consens. Exhibition

Folders, postcards and 60 metal plaques located in the city, are used as communicative elements to point to the works of art. The starting point for the exhibition is the project space ar/ge kunst: Here Lupo Burtscher installed a striking blue table that seems to break through the gallery window. The piece of furniture is a communication and information carrier as well as being used in numerous ways for a variety of different events.


ar/ge kunst



Project team

Peter Torjai


Catherine Grout


ar/ge kunst

Photo documentation

Luca Meneghel (information material and catalogue), Martin Pardatscher (exhibition)