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Franz, Fritz, Frieda

Franz, Fritz and Frieda are the names of a bench for two people, a stool and a higher bar stool. The furniture was designed as furnishings for EURAC Tower, specifically for the staircase, the bar and the library in the tower. The stool for the stairs is therefore supplied, somewhat surprisingly, with cut-off back legs.

1/6Franz, Fritz, Frieda

2/6Franz, Fritz, Frieda





A slight kink in the seat characterises the series, with three seating elements, to which a matching table was also designed. This mastered ergonomic challenges whilst creating a simple design. Seats and legs, white varnished plywood and solid wood, are consistently three centimetres thick, so relatively thin. Today, the self-produced furniture is an integral part of EURAC and used in various places and occasions.



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