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Karl I, II, III

The birch wood bench series Karl I, II and III was created for the exhibition Costruire sul costruito / Auf Gebautem bauen in Lungomare, and particularly for the presentation of the corresponding book. It is designed as a place to take a break and provides the opportunity to take a relaxed look into the catalogue. The furniture combination brings together three elements: a bench with backrest, a bench, and a table. The components can be put together in different combinations simply and result in a total furniture length of approx. 2.50 metres. The series is self-produced.

1/9Karl I, II, III

2/9Karl I, II, III

3/9Karl I, II, III

4/9Karl I, II, III

5/9Karl I, II, III

6/9Karl I, II, III

7/9Karl I, II, III

8/9Karl I, II, III

9/9Karl I, II, III



Own production




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