The design studio Lupo Burtscher has joined forces with Lungomare to form a cooperative. Our projects from 2021 onwards can be found on this website

Famos Design

Sissa, Max and Marta, Betta, Rosetta

Beautiful, functional and uncomplicated in reproduction: This is what is expected from design objects, and the aim of Lupo Burtscher for the commissioned workshop undertaken for people with mental and physical difficulties, from the Comunità Comprensoriale Oltradige – Bassa Atesina / Bezirksgemeinschaft Unterland. The result is three everyday objects reduced to their bare essentials, for the entrance area of a home.

1/6Marta, Betta and Rosetta, Max, Sissa




5/6Marta, Betta and Rosetta


The coat storage consists of five basic elements in a V-shape, which can be extended as desired. The wooden parts can simply be threaded into a leather strap, which is then attached to the ceiling. The stool Max, in addition to being a seat, provides the possibility of four hooks for shoes. Hidden magnets are the secret of the minimalist boards of different sizes for hanging keys. All objects are made of oak and put together using glue or paste. Preliminary research and adaptation to the skills of the people in the workshops has determined which materials and working methods are used.



Comunità Comprensoriale Oltradige – Bassa Atesina / Bezirksgemeinschaft Unterland




Laboratorio Vill (Comunità Comprensoriale Oltradige – Bassa Atesina) / Werkstätte Vill (Bezirksgemeinschaft Überetsch-Unterland)

Photo documentation

Ivo Corrà