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Publication design for Collectively Annotated Bibliography

Collectively Annotated Bibliography: On Artistic Practices in the Expanded Field of Public Art is a research on the relationship between theory and socially engaged artistic practices compiled and edited by Judith Wielander and Matteo Lucchetti. The 150 book titles reflect a decolonial perspective that takes into account the biases, privileges and power positions of those who have dictated the dominant perspectives on art history so far. Ten curators and researchers from diverse backgrounds and contexts have been invited from Visible project to suggest the titles that are most representative of the current debate on the present and future of art in the public domain. Each bibliographical note is supplied by one or more quotes and links to the publishers or reviews to explore topics addressed in the suggested books in more detail.











The book

We were involved into the project to bring the Collective Annotated Bibliography into the shape of a book and in a digital platform. We conceived the book as an analogical tool of research that gives different ways to access the content through the visible keywords. The publication recalls the versatility of an index book and invites to jump through the pages to explore connections between the keywords, the images and the related contents. The cover is shorter than the body of the book to introduce the reader from the beginning to the guiding keywords that visible project suggest as orienteering tool in the  Collective Annotated Bibliography

The pages of the introductory conversations with Emanuele Coccia, Andrea Phillips and Gabi Ngcobo follow the smaller cover page size and appear into the book revealing reflections on what creating a bibliography that informs and inspires artistic practices in the extended field of public art means today.

The book awarded with the European Design Award 2021.
Commissioned by Visible project and the Public Art Agency Sweden. 

The website

The Collective Annotated Bibliography is also explorable in a digital platform that we designed as part of the website. The digital dimension offers different kind of  accesses to the content. It goes through the evocative power of the title and the image of the cover pages of the books, through the content related keywords, the selection of the curators or the simple order of an alphabetical list. Each book is related to others as well to the bigger archive of Visible project.


Visible Project und Public Art Agency Sweden



Project team

Giulia Semprini


Judith Wielander, Matteo Lucchetti

Photo documentation

Luca Meneghel