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The A – Z of creative work

How does the South Tyrolean creative industry work? From A for “autonomia” to Z for “Zeitdruck” (time pressure), a succinct ABC tells of the challenges and joys of the life of a freelancer. What this campaign is about: a public reflection on those who work in the creative industry in order to raise awareness. The concept and graphic output come from Lupo Burtscher, for the client Weigh Station, a laboratory for culture and creativity in South Tyrol.










Four animation examples as short video

The glossary

The basic idea is an open – self-evidently bilingual – glossary that is made up of concepts from both everyday life and the theory of creative work. The text is supplemented with contributions from a network of authors in the form of clips of images and videos. The A – Z of creative work is disseminated using postcards, banners, business cards, stickers, beer mats, badges, social media and the Weigh Station homepage.

Different combinations of words on the postcards encourage reflection and exchange about what creative work is and can be, thus creating a collective tool for knowledge sharing. The use of different shades of red assists in attracting the deserved attention to the creative industry.

The web page

An associated web page, integrated into the homepage of the Weigh Station, contains the complete glossary. Using three filters – participants, words, media – the contents can be viewed and read. In 2016 an online advent calendar will appear on several South Tyrolean media platforms inviting the discovery of new words (worlds) every day leading up to Christmas.


Weigh Station



Project team

Claudia Polizzi

Web development

Artica Lab / Daniel Rampanelli

Photo documentation

Malthe Wöhler