The design studio Lupo Burtscher has joined forces with Lungomare to form a cooperative. Our projects from 2021 onwards can be found on this website

Graphic Design Worlds

For Lupo Burtscher, graphic design means more than just visual output: Concepts and content are integral parts of their work and as such are very much incorporated into their designs. As a result, for the international exhibition Graphic Design Worlds in Milan, Lupo Burtscher do not exhibit pictures, but rather present their projects in the form of fragments of text.







The curator Giorgio Camuffo invited Italian and international design firms to exhibit at the Graphic Design Worlds at the Museum Triennale di Milano. The contribution of Lupo Burtscher are texts of their recent work mounted behind glass in different formats, strung in large-scale frames. Already completed projects are communicated via excerpts from interviews, large-scale citations, extracts from descriptions etc. An accompanying A3 folder, available for free, shows photos of the works and thus provides a visual rendering of the projects.


Triennale di Milano



An exhibition with

Åbäke, Brave New Alps, Anthony Burrill, Nazareno Crea, De Designpolitie, Dexter Sinister, Julia, Elliott Earls, Daniel Eatock, Experimental Jetset, FF3300, Fuel, Tommaso Garner, Mieke Gerritzen, Invernomuto, Christophe Jacquet (Toffe), KesselsKramer, Kasia Korczak, Zak Kyes, Harmen Liemburg, Geoff McFetridge, Metahaven, Joseph Miceli, M/M, Na Kim, Norm, Radim Pesko, Mathias Schweizer, Studio Temp, Tankboys, Thonik, Francesco Valtolina


Giorgio Camuffo