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Qui prima e poi

Racconta, tramanda, condividi la tua eredità culturale

Qui prima e poi is a project organized by the City of Parma within the framework of “Parma 2020 – Cultural Capital of Italy”, with the aim of creating an archive of tangible and intangible cultural assets that make up the cultural heritage of the City of Parma and its province. To this end, Lupo Burtscher has designed a visual identity and a web platform that allows citizens to report what they consider to be culturally important and identify the territory and the municipality of Parma.

The website

The digital platform developed for Qui prima e poi is a tool made available to citizens, visitors, associations and institutions to collect goods, traditions, knowledge and places where the community of Parma is reflected. Using a digital form, participants can upload their suggestions and ideas: These can be places shared through geolocation, but also photos and videos of traditions and objects, texts, or the documentation of oral traditions and folk songs by recording and sending audio tracks. The aim of the project is to create an archive of cultural heritage – both tangible and intangible – and to make it available to future generations. The data should also serve as a starting point for new initiatives, events and meetings and be freely accessible to everyone.

The visual identity

The development of the visual identity of Qui prima e poi is based on the need to make the participatory and open character of the project clear. The design of the logo is the result of a reflection on the idea of the space (geographical, geometric, conceptual) in which the project operates. The character of the project, which is in constant evolution, is illustrated by a dynamic logo that manifests itself in ever-changing forms, evoking the idea of plurality that underlies the cultural heritage of the province of Parma. The different forms that result from the connection between the “here”, the “before” and the “after” are forms that define, signal and create a centre where visions can be highlighted.


City of Parma



Project team

Irene Sgarro

Web development

Philipp von Hellberg