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Voci dal Borgo. Narrative journey around the Carrara

The project Voci dal Borgo consists of a public space installation that aims to rediscover particularly important buildings and places in Borgo Pignolo and Borgo Santa Caterina, as well as promoting the Accademia Carrara di Bergamo. Nine totems, characterised by the shape and the red colour of Accademia Carrara’s visual identity, were placed in this public space. They not only indicate sites and monuments of particular interest, but invite reflection on a variety of topics relating to the contemporary nature of the chosen places. Lupo Burtscher has developed the concept, the installation and the graphic design of the project.











Located between the Borgo Pignolo and the Borgo Santa Caterina, the Accademia Carrara is the hinge that joins these two areas which are rather different from one another in both history and appearance, but which are both important for the city of Bergamo. Voci dal Borgo (Voices from the Borgo) highlights some of the sights and attractions that are to be found in this urban setting: buildings or monuments which are rich in history that might provoke different reflections on topical issues today. We asked scholars and specialists in the field to write some short pieces on the themes identified, and then we assigned professional actors to the reading of those texts. Each of the nine places is indicated by a red signage tower that, either through using QR-code technology and scanning the symbol in or by looking up the official website on the Internet, provides access to sound tracks of the stories of the authors for anybody with their mobile smart-phone handy.


Comune di Bergamo



Project team

Federico Conti Picamus

Text contributions

Paolo Vitali, Elisabetta Ruffini, Ugo Mattei, Luisa Lorenza Corna, Daniele Jalia, Fulvo Pratesi, Manuela Manzini, Paolo Plebani, Giuliano Zanchi

Web development

Philipp von Hellberg

Photo documentation

Sara Luraschi